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The Buckley House

Exquisite food in a beautiful setting

The Buckley house was originally a private residence, but it has since been brought back to life as a destination for fine dining and fantastic food. Before becoming a restaurant, the Buckley house served as a bed and breakfast for about 14 years. Enjoying a meal at this restaurant means embracing the beauty of the Historic Registry of Ohio property. With its classic Victorian style and double porches, it's a dinner destination you won't want to miss. 

The man behind the wonderful food being served up at the Buckely House is Master Chef Emad Al-Masri. He's supervised trained chefs and even operated his own restaurant in Naples, FL. Emad specializes in a wide range of cuisines, from Lebanon to Northern Italy to Morocco. He uses the highest quality local ingredients to craft dishes that both taste and look great!

Their menu contains dishes such as lentil soup, mozzarella Caprese salad, hummus, salmon, beef tenderloin, baklava, and creme brulee. There are also nightly dinner specials to choose from.

Have a glass of wine with dinner. The Buckley House has an extensive beer and wine menu to satisfy any palette. 

Visiting the Buckley House means more than just a meal. Enjoy the beauty of the well-manicured grounds, the outdoor seating, and several other natural features such as a koi pond. 
Image may be subject to copyright